En Primeur or commonly known as “wine futures” is a process of buying wines early while the vintage is still in a barrel. This process allows customers to purchase the bottles in a cheaper price before it is bottled compare to its usual price once formally released. But en primeur wines is good to be invested because these wines are a way cheaper and some are in limited quantities and will most likely not be available when they are available in the market.

The wines usually offered en primeur are from Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone Valley and port and will be available 2-3 years after the offer is released.




Bordeaux En Primeur 2016 Terms and Conditions:
1)     Prices quoted are ex-Bordeaux (in 750ml bottling).
2)     Payment within 7 days upon receipt of our Sales Order Confirmation. Orders are confirmed only when payment is received.
3)      Minimum order of 6 bts of 750ml is required with an an accumulated total order of 12 bts upon the end of the Campaign.
4)      Wines will be delivered around Summer 2019.
5)      Current Goods & Services Tax will be imposed on invoice.
6)      Additional shipping cost, freight insurance & duty charges estimated at S$20 per 750ml will be imposed upon delivery of wines which will be subjected to prevailing Goods & Services Tax.
7)      2% rebate for payment by cash/cheque within 7 days from date of invoice.


For the updated En Primeur list, please feel free to contact the following:

Linda Chan (linda.chan@grandvin.com.sg

Phyllis Yeoh (phyllis.yeoh@grandvin.com.sg)

Vanessa Yeo (vanessa.yeo@grandvin.com.sg)

Tel: (65) 6465 3081 ext 82/83/84/85/86

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