The Schlumberger has the largest vineyard holdings of any domaine in Alsace, they are also one of the more reliable producers of the region. The vineyards provide Schlumberger with 100% of their harvest, the family buying in no fruit or unfinished wine from other growers.

The portfolio starts with the generic Princes Abbes range, which may include fruits from young vines within the Grands Crus, but are largely sourced from Schlumberger's lieux-dits, namely Bux, Bollenberg and Schimberg. The quality really steps up with the wines made exclusively from Grand Cru vines. The pinnacle, however, is reached with the Schlumberger Collection, which comprises four wines, all Grand Cru, two Pinot Gris and two Gewurtraminer.

For more information: www.domaines-schlumberger.com/


Situated on the north-south Sancerre geological fault line, Domaine Vacheron is one of Sancerre’s elite properties. The domaine produces both white and red Sancerre of amazing purity and definition. The vineyard of the domaine (consisting of 34 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc and 11 hectares of Pinot Noir) has been completely transformed over to biodynamic farming (certified by Biodyvin in 2005) with two young cousins, Jean-Laurent and Jean- Dominique Vacheron, at the helm. 

In 1896, Ott, an Alsatian agricultural engineer with a pioneer spirit, set out to create a wine-producing estate. As early as 1930, the "Coeur de Grain" rosé made its way over the border. And today, the elegant, prestigious vintages produced by Domaines Ott* can be found in the finest dining establishments the world over.

In 2004, with more than 100 years of experience, Domaines Ott* joined forces with Champagne Louis Roederer Group - a true synergy that takes place around these craftsmen of high-class wines.

For more information: www.domaines-ott.com/

Regarded by many as the Rhône's top winemaker. In the tiny village of Ampuis, below the famous slope of Côte Rôtie, Marcel Guigal produces not only the world famous single vineyard wines but also an excellent range of very high quality red, white and rose wines representing the different styles of the Northern and Southern Rhône. E. Guigal's international renown comes from his firm belief in low yields, old vines and allowing the grapes and terroir their own freedom of expression with minimal intervention from the wine maker.

For more information: http://www.guigal.com/